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Platters & Pans

Catering ideas...

Ladies Luncheon
assorted tea sandwiches, tomato and basil bisque, garden vegetable quiche, baby spinach salad w/ vidalia onions, mini pumpkin cream filled puffs, chocolate covered strawberries

Tail Gate Party
buffalo chicken dip, BBQ baby back ribs, sausage/peppers/onions, beef chile with corn chips

Continental Breakfast & Brunch
assorted bagels/muffins/pastry, quiche or egg sandwiches, fresh cut fruit salad, mini bottled juice, coffee & tea service


Hors d’oeuvres Party
artichoke wontons, asian rice paper wraps, shrimp ceveche, seasame beef, satay chicken, bruschetta & crustini, antipasto tortellini k-bobs

Tented Outdoor Receptions
assorted cheeses and grapes, garden vegetable crudite, key west grilled chicken, teriyaki grilled steak tips, roasted potatoes, southwestern pasta salad, seasonal grilled vegetables


Fresh & Delicious Platters and Pans
Fruit K-Bobs $2.00/each
Artisan Assorted Cheese Tray $3.25/pp
Vegetable Crudite $2.25/pp
Stuffed Mushrooms $1.25/each
(choice of sausage, crab, or vegetable stuffing)
Deviled Eggs $1.50/each
Chicken Satay Skewers $1.75/each
(served with a spicy peanut sauce)
Sesame Beef Skewers $2.00/each
Asian Rice Paper Wraps $3.45/each
Breaded Chicken Tenders $2.00/each
Scallops and Proscuitto Market Price
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Market Price
Shrimp Ceveche $2.45/each
Meatballs $2.00/each
(choice of Swedish, Italian or Sweet and Sour)
Baked Brie w/crackers $25.00
Pinwheel Sandwiches $2.00/each
Spinach Pie $35.00/pan
Bruschetta Topping $15.00/qt.
Quiche $18.00/pie
Crab Cakes $2.00/each
Soups and Chowders $9.95/qt.
Mini Beef Wellington Bites $2.00/each
Tomato & Pesto Shots $2.00/each
Ginger Chicken Pops $2.00/each
Buffalo Chicken Dip $20.00/qt.
(pans serve 8-10 people)
Cheese Lasagna $40.00/pan
Meat Lasagna $50.00/pan
Vegetable Lasagna $45.00/pan
Baked Ziti $40.00/pan
Baked Ziti with Meat $50.00/pan
Baked Cheese Ravioli $50.00/pan
Chicken Pesto Ravioli $55.00/pan
Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti $50.00/pan
Chicken Marsala $50.00/pan
Chicken Picatta $50.00/pan
Chicken Cordon Bleu $8.95/breast
Chicken Cacciatore $50.00/pan
Sausage Cacciatore $50.00/pan
Chicken Stir Fry $50.00/pan
Beef Stir Fry $60.00/pan
Chicken Parmesan $50.00/pan
Veal Parmesan $60.00/pan
Eggplant Parmesan $45.00/pan
Stuffed Shells $45.00/pan
Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp Market Price
Stuffed Haddock Market Price
Shrimp Scampi Market Price
Baked Salmon Market Price
Sausage, Peppers & Potatoes $50.00/pan
Bistro Steak $13.99/lb.
Stuffed Pork Lion $11.99/lb.
Stuffed Turkey Breast $12.99/lb.
Assorted Sandwiches $9.95/sandwich
 (includes chips and pickles)  


Sides and Salads
Garden Salad  $30.00/pan Antipasto $40.00/12” tray
Greek Salad $35.00/pan Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella $30.00/12” tray
Spinach Salad $40.00/pan Marinated Artichoke Salad $13.95/qt.
Chef’s Salad $40.00/pan House Au Gratin Potatoes $40.00/pan
Caesar Salad $30.00/pan Macaroni and Cheese $35.00/pan
Grilled Chicken Breast $9.99/lb. Mashed Potatoes $30.00/pan
Grilled Steak Tips $13.99/lb. Rice Pilaf $30.00/pan
Parmesan Pasta Salad $30.00/pan Roasted Potatoes $30.00/pan
Pesto Pasta Salad $35.00/pan Sautéed Garden Vegetables $35.00/pan
Red Bliss Potato Salad  $35.00/pan Snap Peas and Carrots $35.00/pan
Coleslaw $30.00/pan Green Beans & Almonds $35.00/pan
Fresh Fruit $35.00/pan Broccoli and Red Peppers $35.00/pan
Asian Chicken Pasta Salad $40.00/pan Pasta with choice of sauce $30.00/pan
Tortellini Salad $45.00/pan (Marinara, Alfredo, Roasted Garlic)  
Chicken Curry Pasta Salad $45.00/pan    





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